After having the wind knocked out of my sail this year, not once, but multiple times, by the various covid-related restrictions, I had to step away to regroup when this most recent closure was put in place here in Denver… I’m sure a lot of professionals, like yourself, in our industry can also relate. Having to dance around unanswerable questions with guesswork, conjecture, hypotheticals, and speculation, with ever-changing limitations (so robust that breaking even is literally impossible) began to take a toll on my morale, not to mention having to constantly re-affirm the reality of these “conditions” over-and-over again in my correspondences; re-re-canceling, re-re-refunding, etc…starts to paint a depressing picture… long-story-long, “Keeping up” was stacking up against my mental/emotional health, and for what it’s worth, keeping up just wasn’t (worth it). 

Depending on how well you know me, you might not be surprised that having something positive to say (which I didn’t) is far less important to me than actually being able to mean it!

However, I AM still here, I DO still love what i do (and all the people with whom the mutual bad-assert continues). I know I’m not alone (neither are you), that most of these challenges are for the best, or at least intended to be, and that this too shall pass. YOU are important to me, I’m happy to resume any potential business (if it makes sense to do so), and I can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding.

I’ve summarized this as concisely as possible to avoid how having to reiterate these details might undermine the progress I’ve made toward recovering/maintaining a positive outlook (see above). Suffice to say, I would rather not discuss covid/health related topics and/or any other hypothetical topics that require guesswork, regurgitating/paraphrasing published health policies, or otherwise (including but not limited to how I think things will go, work out, pan out, how I’m holding up during these challenging/difficult times, etc).

Here are the official links for both the state of Colorado
as well as the City and County of Denver.
and of course our own link that will obviously reflect the two above
Herman’s Hideaway

If you would still like to look at and “hold” date(s) in January/February or you already have 2021 show(s) booked with us at Herman’s Hideaway, great! I’m happy to continue coordinating that with you and we can stay in touch about it, hoping for the best, of course. Please avoid additional covid-related questions, especially if the answers you are hoping to receive are published on the government sites i listed above and/or require conjecture/guessing/predictions.

No need to cancel your remaining 2020 show(s) here with us; that kinda goes without saying. We’ll be in touch if that changes.  

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

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