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The Doorman


By: Kevin Jordan A poor man’s, poor man’s Die Hard. As we continue to go without any major movie releases (with the exception of Tenet and Mulan), there is still a small trickle of low-budget films being released to video on-demand (VOD). Typically, these movies tend to fall into the […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou?


By: Kevin Jordan The second best Odyssey ever. My editor tasked us with reviewing the Coen Brothers’ films and, since I’d rather read Twilight novels than sit through almost their entire filmography, I volunteered to re-watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the one film of theirs worth watching more than […]



By: Kevin Jordan It takes a village. As we continue to face and confront the reality that racism is still deeply ingrained in American society and culture, we continue to uncover more and more evidence that maybe the Civil War never really ended. Yes, slavery was technically outlawed as a […]

Geeking Out (and strategizing)

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WORLDVIRAL is a one-stop-shop audio/video/media production company based in Denver, Colorado. We are currently strategizing an efficient plan/direction to re-incorporate WORLDVIRAL.TV our live video webcasting capabilities with WORLDVIRAL STUDIO (as a potential Label), to better serve, include, and represent our ever-growing network of talented producers, personalities, artists, and content creators. […]

Methods For Withdrawal


METHODS FOR WITHDRAWAL We are very pleased so far by the results of our latest release “Methods For Withdrawal” by Hold Me Hostage. Still gaining momentum, this new full-length continues to provide a well-received introduction to the band for new listeners everywhere. Our success directly reflects the strength we attribute […]

The Burnt Orange Heresy


By: Kevin Jordan Can’t quite put my finger on it. I am sure you have heard this quote: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” – George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman. Up until five minutes ago, I knew nothing about Shaw, nor that he was the scribe behind […]



By: Kevin Jordan Hardcore history. Raise your hand if you know more about Alexander Hamilton than 1) his face is on the ten dollar bill, 2) he created the United States’ central banking system, and 3) was killed in a duel by Aaron Burr. If your hand is up, go […]



By: Kevin Jordan Politically correct. The United States Supreme Court has made more than a few boneheaded decisions throughout its not-so-illustrious history. Google “bad supreme court decisions,” grab a very large cup of coffee, and get comfortable for hours of eye-opening reading. The best part of that search is it […]

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