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By: Kevin Jordan Wanna get away? Greenland is the perfect movie for 2020. It includes needless violence; an idiotic treatment of science, government, and the military; and the end of the world. All I wanted was a big, dumb, loud, fun disaster movie to escape into for a couple of […]

Over the Moon


By: Kevin Jordan It’s sort of a myth. After the very excellent Klaus last year, I was hoping for a good follow up from Netflix in Over the Moon. By the end of the film, I found myself explaining to my son what is a MacGuffin and why the plot’s […]

Soul & Godmothered


Clear the mechanism. Note: Disney is releasing both Soul and Godmothered on top of each other, so I’m covering them both together with an assist from my eight-year old son. But first… When I play baseball, there are times when I am in such a great groove pitching that everything […]

Come Play


By: Kevin Jordan There’s an app for everything. Parenting during the pandemic has been quite a challenge. All of the things that are important for children – attending school, being around other kids their age, spreading their time across multiple activities, not being around parents 24/7 – have been completely […]

Come Away


By: Kevin Jordan A tale of two tales. Titles are one of the most important aspects of a film. In one, two, or a handful of words, a title has to tell us what the movie is about, be intriguing enough to convince us to spend money to watch the […]

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