FINE ART (by Christopher Thomas)

Whether it’s pastel, watercolor, charcoal, prizma-color, or even digitally-created images, a wide range of options are available upon request (Incl. drawing, painting, sculpting, still-life, models, from photo(s) you provide, or raw imagination)…  Much more to up-load soon! –


With six years of formal education and decades of experience in the field of advertising & design under my belt, I am available to consult/assist during any stage of project development; starting from scratch, asking the objective questions, offering solutions to bring out the very best of your original idea(s) by evolving the integrity of your vision/idea into a visual message/story/ to launch a compelling campaign that demands maximum conversions. Since college, I have remained quite active as a free-lance artist, and i have, since, expanded my skillsets to also include video editing, for which I have received many compliments from peers/satisfied clients, as well as constructive advice from mentors who i admire. There are no limits when it comes to creative ways to build a brand, image, or product… thinking outside the box to capture the imagination will also capture your audience/demographic attention etc. That is the job; It’s an art form/craft, in which I am humbly well-versed.  

Additional studies:
typography, photography, layout, composition, publishing, marketing, copywriting, conceptual ideas, color theory, screen-printing, pen and ink, printing/pre-press, art history, history of design, art psychology, perspective, life drawing, anatomy, spacial relations, geometry, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkExpress, Final Cut, and much more.

I am very fortunate to have been able to routinely express my imagination through the creation of artwork for events/shows at Herman’s Hideaway for 14 years now. My studio is in the basement of this historic venue in Denver, Colorado… I have created hundreds and hundreds of these types of designs (see below), parts of which many of the artists have even gone on to continue utilizing as part of their branding, merch, logos, etc…

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